It's All About The kids

Healthcare by nurse practitioners for babies, children & teens.

We care for children and families: we work with you to treat illnesses, restore health and improve well-being.


just kids health by NursePrac Australia
We are Nurse Practitioners!

A Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse approved to work at an advanced level. A nurse practitioner can diagnose and treat people and prescribe medicinesThey have completed additional university study at Master’s degree level and are the most expert clinical nurses in the health care system. 

How we work

Long Appointments

Medicare rebates

No gap for Health Care Cards

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Face-to-face visits in clinic Monday to Friday.

TeleHealth: by phone or video.

Long appointments.

We are a mixed billing service.

Health Care Cards/Pensioner Cards are Bulk Billed.

Accounts to be paid on day of visit.

Medicare rebates are refunded into your bank account.