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Helping you keep your children and family healthy 

We specialise in providing healthcare for babies, children & teens.

Our expert Nurse Practitioners are here to help you and your family.

We will provide you with the personalised support and care you need to help your children recover from illness, manage health conditions at home, and keep your children and family healthy.


We are Nurse Practitioners!

Have you heard about Nurse Practitioners? They are expert Registered Nurses who have completed an additional higher level university degree. Their work can include diagnosing illnesses, treating people and prescribing medicines. Our nurse practitioners are also experts in children's health.

How we work

Long Appointments

Medicare rebates

No gap for Health Care Cards

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Face-to-face visits in clinic Weekdays.

TeleHealth: by phone or video.

Long appointments.

We are a mixed billing practice.

Health Care Cards/Pensioner Cards are Bulk Billed.

Accounts to be paid on day of visit.

Medicare rebates are refunded into your bank account.

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